“Inside Out / Outside In” is the organizing principle around the dmi:Design Management Conference 23-25 May in Amsterdam. We will focus on the internal tools, processes, governance, and culture of organizations and how they influence their products, services, and creative output.

  • We’ll look at the organizational structures and knowledge-sharing of Skunkworks, Innovation Labs, and Venture Satellites in relation to their parent organization.
  • In the era of acquisition of design agencies by management consultancies and the elevation of design and design thinking in the boardroom we’ll ask where will design and design strategy reside within organizations?
  • Will hear about the “killer app” that gives organizations benefits in speed-to-market, knowledge sharing, customer engagement and a shared language not found in other company cultures.
  • We’ll understand how disruptions at every stage of the supply chain are creating opportunities for smart, adaptive companies in any industry.

Read more and join us 23-25 May in Amsterdam!