The Special Session “Eco Design by Systematic Innovation” of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing ( offers the opportunity to combine Eco designed product innovation with Systematic innovation.

Systematic innovation is the process of methodically analyzing and solving problems aiming at identifying the right problem to be solved and then generating innovative solution concepts, avoiding empirical trial-and error approaches.

Systematic Innovation for Eco Design involves two different aspects: problem assessment and solution generation.

The systematic process used to define the problem space deals with:

  • how to identify environmental criticalities,
  • how to determine the correct level of detail of a problem,
  • how to gather information about the problem,
  • how to visualize the entire problem assessment.

The systematic process used to identify opportunities and/or solving problems innovatively deals with:

  • How to generate new ideas, inspired by Human-originated Systematic Innovation or

Extracted knowledge from patents (Common problems and solutions across multiple industries and sciences, universal patterns of technical evolution, innovations that employ physical effects outside the field where they were developed,…),

  • How to generate new ideas by Nature-inspired Systematic Innovation, via a Biomimetic approach.


  • Systematic Eco design tools and methods
  • TRIZ
  • Biomimetic
  • Design by analogy
  • Patent analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Life cycle assessment for sustainable product-service systems
  • Eco design strategies
  • QFD


Session Organizers:

Davide russo, DIGP-UNIBG, [email protected]

Caterina Rinaldi, ENEA, [email protected]

Sara Cortesi, ENEA, [email protected]